Create your online questionnaire, you can also insert pics and videos.



Send it via email, share it on facebook or publish it on Qapp so anyone can find it.



Collect the answers and analyze aggregated results in real time.


Free or Premium, you choose!

Qapp is free but if you have specific requirements, please check our Premium packages

Listen to your market

Do easily your market research: collect quickly the preference from your customers or group of Qapp users based on their profile.

Improve your customer satisfaction

Measure the level of satisfaction of your customers in real time. Create a survey and collect easily the opinions of your customers while they are in the shop, during an exhibition, at home or in mobility.

Promote your business

Create a direct communication with your customers: create a Page for your business, create your surveys adding also pictures and video of your products or services and ask people to search and answer your Qapp!

Build loyalty with your customers

Give a reward (gadget, coupon, free trial,…) for the received answers: you can promote your products and listen to your customers at the same time.

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