Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This document has been drawn up in Italian. In case of conflict between any translated versions of this document and the Italian version, the latter will prevail.
QAPP reserves the right to modify this document at any time; it is therefore recommended to consult periodically. If you make material changes to this policy, users will be informed about it through an email notification or within the QAPP home page
The Personal Data and Browser Data (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Data"), automatically collected from the website (hereinafter the "Site") or the Mobile App (the app), by means of automated systems or freely entered by 'User or the Interested Party, are collected for the purpose of QAPP platform and are treated in the manner described below.
Here, the Service Provider, the Software Platform, the Web Site, the Mobile App, the Holder of the data processing will be collectively referred to as "QAPP".
QAPP is a platform to create, publish and distribute polls in this document and on the website are also referred to as "QAPP".
Companies also users of the service provided by QAPP platform will be also referred to as "third parties" in this document.

Information on the processing of your personal data under Article 13 of Decree No. 196/2003 laying down the law with regard to protection of personal data.

Owner and manager of the treatment

In accordance with Legislative Decree. N. 196/2003, it informs you that the data controller and the data controller of the personal data can be contacted at the addresses and email (pec).
QAPP SRLs - Corso Umberto I, 66 - 90044 Carini (PA) - VAT 06351440828
The proposals on the Net QAPP activities are carried out in full compliance with international standards, EU and national on privacy and data protection.
In addition to the information published in this page you can be requested clarifications QAPP SRLs, by sending an e-mail at the above addresses.

Collection and use of personal data

In full compliance with the provisions of the Legislative Decree. N. 196/2003, states that QAPP collects personal information only after express consent from their customers. The treatment done on personal data may include the following activities: collection, recording, organization, storage, processing, modification, communication, cancellation and destruction (the listing of such activities is played for purely illustrative).
The goal of treatment is solely to be able to provide the proposed services and to ensure the necessary management.

The platform base QAPP Personal Data collected and processed are as follows

Name surname
Home town.
Email address

and other Data relating to the User's identity or the technical mode of User's access to the Website or Mobile App.

The collection of personal data is dependent on the type of access to the platform and user QAPP QAPP choices in using the web platform and mobile app. Below a number of features which require the collection of personal data:
Account Login with Facebook
This service allows you to connect with QAPP User's account on the social network Facebook. Permission required: Access to friend lists, chat, City, Image of the Facebook profile, Birthday Date, Email. The authentication data of your access is curated by Facebook and we will record only the information of your Facebook profile that you have specifically agreed to share with us.
Contact the user
The User, by filling with your data in the contact form, you agree to use them for responding to requests for information, estimate, or any other nature.
Social Functionality
Users can have a public profile is viewable by other users QAPP. In addition to Personal Data provided by registration, this profile can contain the User interactions with QAPP such as the number of questionnaires (aka QAPP) created and published on the platform, QAPP answered, responses received to its QAPP, number of followers ...
Personal information collected on registration and shown on your public profile: Surname, Name, Image and City.
The public profile of a user QAPP and user interactions with QAPP platform are visible from any site visitor though not logged in or registered on the platform.
The QAPP a user decides to publish on the Explore platform page searchable and visible rispondibili by all visitors of the site though not authenticated by QAPP platform. For this reason QAPP published on Explore QAPP are defined as a "public visibility."
Inviting friends
QAPP may use Personal Data provided to allow other users to invite their friends and contacts, for example in the choice of recipients of a QAPP, you can search and choose their recipients from a list of QAPP users they will be identified by name , Last Name, Picture and city of origin.
To facilitate the user in inviting their friends, QAPP also shows a list of your Facebook friends who have already registered to QAPP, always identified by Name, Last Name, Picture and city of origin.
Follow other users QAPP
The personal data allow you to uniquely identify a user in order to allow the "Follow" feature (Follow) through which any QAPP user can choose to "follow" any other user or page so QAPP be informed by notification of all QAPP with public visibility created by the user or page that has followers.
Interaction with external social networks and platforms
These services allow you to make interactions with social networks, or other external platforms directly from QAPP pages.
The interactions and information acquired from QAPP are in any case subject to the User's privacy settings related to any social network.
If it is possible that, even if the users do not use the service, the same collect traffic data about the pages on which you installed a service interaction with social networks is installed.
The QAPP created with "public visibility" can be shared on other third-party platforms by anyone visiting the site or using the Mobile App QAPP.
Direct recording
The user registers by completing the registration form and providing QAPP directly to their Personal Data.
collected personal data: Name, Last Name, Email, City
Authentication with Facebook
Authentication with Facebook is a registration and authentication service provided by Facebook Inc. and connected to the social network Facebook.
collected personal data: Various types of data that Facebook allows you to take
Mailing List
QAPP By registering, you agree to be able to receive e-mail messages that invite you to participate in surveys on the basis of his profile; You agree to be invited via email or mobile notification app to respond to surveys by other users or QAPP pages; You agree to receive other types of e-mail notification of the use of the service; agree to receive email invitations to opinion polls carried out by QAPP SRLs or third companies that have subscribed to the service and created a QAPP QAPP page; You agree to receive marketing and promotional messages from QAPP SRLs or third companies that have subscribed to the service and created a QAPP page.
Upon registration, the User's email address is automatically added to a list of contacts that could be used for sending not only to surveys by QAPP or third companies that create a QAPP page, but also for the 'send direct email marketing profile basis.
The user's email address, collected during the registration process, is treated with confidentiality by QAPP SRLs and not shared with third parties under any circumstances that will make use of the above services provided by QAPP, but did not know the email addresses QAPP of individual users.
If you do not want that we use their information in this way, you can unsubscribe from the service at any time by writing to or communicate
Creating Pages QAPP
Any user can create one or more QAPP pages for your company or business and create surveys on behalf of the created page. In addition to the title of the user can optionally enter additional information to specify and describe best their activities page (eg. Profile, website, address, city, ...). You are fully responsible for the information entered. QAPP can not control in any way the information entered by users in creating their own pages so QAPP not be held liable in any way.

Access to services QAPP
The survey data are of their creators. QAPP treat your survey confidentially. We will not sell them to anyone and we will not use the answers that you have collected in the survey for any purpose not related to our services, except in limited circumstances (eg. If we were obliged by a quotation, or if you have given us permission to do so).
To make it easier to invite people to respond to your email surveys, you can populate the address book with email addresses of your contacts, create email lists, QAPP in this case will act as a mere caretaker of such data. We will never sell these email addresses and we will use them only in the manner indicated by you, and according to this policy.
We host polls on our sites and collect the answers sent to the authors of surveys via our web sites and mobile app. If you have any questions about the survey you are replying, please contact the author of the survey, since QAPP is not responsible for the content of the survey and for your answers to this. The authors of the surveys are usually the same people who invite you to take part and sometimes even have their own privacy policy.
As mentioned previously, when creating the author may want to create a survey (called QAPP) with "public visibility", in this case, any user can share the survey (ie questions and answers contained in it) on any third platform parts (eg. social networks, email, whatsapp, ...) as the web address of QAPP corresponds to a public URL.
The anonymity of the responses to a survey depends on how the author has configured the survey settings when creating the same. It is up to each author of the investigation, during the survey creation, decide whether to collect responses anonymously, or acquire the personal information of the respondents associated with the same answers.
The respondent before answering a survey (called QAPP) has conspicuous disclosures that says if his answers will be collected in an anonymous form or not. In case of non-anonymous reply, in the author's QAPP results will have visibility of the answers given by each respondent.
The author, always in the process of creation of the survey, can also choose to show the results to respondents. If he decides to show the collated results to the respondent and to collect responses in non-anonymous form, in this case the respondent will have access not only to the aggregated results but also to the detail of how he responded each respondent.
 QAPP not sell or share your answers with third-party advertising or marketing people (although the author of the survey could). QAPP simply acts as a custodian in the name of the author of the survey that monitors your data, except as set out in this privacy statement about the public opinion polls.
If you feel that a survey violates our terms of use or may be involved in illegal activity, please report it at
In addition to recording the information listed above, when you use QAPP, we collect information about you and your use of our services. The following sections describe what we do with that information.
You can set various preferences and personal details on your profile settings page. For example, your default language, age, ..
We allow you to enter the e-mail addresses in an address book and match the e-mail addresses with a folder of e-mail invitations, so you can easily invite people to attend to your e-mail surveys. We will not use these addresses for our purposes, or send e-mail, save your indication to that effect.
We guard for you the data of your survey (questions and answers).
We collect usage data on you every time you make use of our services. This can include: web pages visited, the one that you click, when you make these actions and more. Moreover, coma most of today's Web sites, our servers retain access files that record data every time a device is accessed.
We collect data from the device and the application you use to access our services, such as your IP address and browser type. From your IP addresses you can also be inferred your geographical location.
Billing. If you make a payment to QAPP, we will ask you to provide your billing information, such as name, address, email address and financial information for the selected payment method (eg. Number and expiration date of your credit card or the number of your bank account). If you provide a billing address, we will consider how the address of the holder profilo.Qapp offers visitors to our site the opportunity to link to other sites. QAPP has no control and is in no way responsible for the content or the terms regarding privacy practices of those sites.

The use of the collected data

By recording directly or through your Facebook account, the User agrees to provide its personal data for the execution of the services and / or the purchase of products sold on this Web site or mobile app.
The personal data collected are: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Email. In this way, for example QAPP can contact these users in case of reward for having responded to a survey, or invite them to participate in further surveys depending on the user profile that is made up of personal data collected during the registration process and any data additional that you provide on your personal profile page.

Users are informed of this web site and mobile app that any personally identifiable information posted by users themselves, can be read, collected and used by others to those pages, even for sending unsolicited messages. QAPP not be held responsible in any way regarding the personally identifiable information posted by users in the public sections of the site.
The User or the Data are collected to allow:
service delivery or the delivery of goods for sale purchased on the Site, and more generally for administrative and accounting or technical;
the answer to specific information requests User;
User update on new products or services provided by the Site or concerning particular business offers;
 User information in the Site maintenance or inconvenience;
the eventual commercial User profiling;
any customization of the contents of the Site by you appear;
the defense by the Owner of the treatment, in court or in the stages leading to possible legal action, against improper use of the same or related services by the User.
Specific information may be presented on the Website in relation to particular services or processing of Data provided by you or by the addressee.

The performance of a customer support service requires access to your information to assist you: as with the design and implementation of surveys or solving technical problems related surveys.
internally perform statistical and other analyzes on the information we collect (including usage data, data on the devices, reference data, data related to questions and answers to analyze and measure the behavior and user trends in order to understand how people use our services and to control, solve problems and improve our services and to help us devise new functions.
As for the data of the survey, we could refer to statistics such as response rates, counts the words of questions and answers and the average number of questions in a survey and publish interesting observations informational or commercial purposes. When we do this, nor the individual authors of the survey nor the survey participants will be identified or identifiable, unless we have not given their permission.

The privacy and confidentiality of user data is certainly the top priority of the company. However QAPP has no control on the questionnaires that are offered by our advertisers so in some cases may be provided by users of sensitive data through the answers to the questionnaires; these data will be used only after their consent, unless their use is already permitted by law. In general, sensitive data acquired from QAPP can relate to race or ethnic origin, political orientation, mental and physical health conditions and user's sexual life. This data is not shared with any third party, except as permitted by law and in case of QAPP corporate transition.

Although our every effort to preserve your privacy, we may need to disclose personal information when in good faith believe that such action is necessary to comply with a judicial proceeding or a court order or if we believe that this is necessary in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations related to physical security of any person, violations of the terms of QAPP website, or as otherwise required of the law. QAPP may also disclose personal information to third parties if you have your express consent.
We deal with the questions and answers to surveys as private information unless the author himself decides to share the questions and / or survey responses with the public by creating the survey with "public visibility" in the creation settings. In this case, remember that anyone visiting the website can view questions / answers, respond to the survey and publishes in turn link (public URL) on third-party platforms.
Answering surveys is voluntary. Remember, you can always choose not to provide an answer to some of the survey questions (especially those that require information or personal data). Also when you answer you are accepting that your answers will be visible to other users QAPP in aggregate form (if the QAPP was created with "Anonymous Answer") or with the detail of your every response (if created as "anonymous response" = NO).

Survey responses are owned and managed by the author of the survey and we consider private author of the survey. Please contact the author of the survey to understand how you will use your responses to the survey.
Because we collect survey responses on behalf of the perpetrators thereof and through the website or mobile app you can not change an answer given, you might have the need to contact the author about the survey questions or in case you want get information on the reward. We provide tools to the authors of surveys to keep the answers they collect through their surveys.
Communication and dissemination
We share your personal information with our service providers who help us provide our services. We bind contractually those service providers to maintain confidentiality of your information and use it solely for the purpose of providing their services. Examples of services include payment processing services, hosting services, email services and web traffic analysis tools.
We rely on the payment processing services to help process the credit card transactions. By using our services, authorized QAPP SRLs to sub-contracting the processing of your data to make payments.
In rare cases, we may share information if required by law or in a context of restructuring or corporate acquisition.
If your information (such as the owner of the profile) are different from the billing contact associated with services bought, from a page that you manage, or in any way related to yourself, we may disclose your identity and profile information to the billing contact for check transactions. Using our services and accepting this Privacy Policy, you consent to such disclosure.
By default, your polls have public visibility. You can decide who has access to your survey by changing the collection settings. For example, polls can be made private so completely distributed to a short list of people if creation is choosing the option "public visibility" = NO.

As previously stated if the author creates the survey with public visibility, anyone can share a link to the survey QAPP on third-party platforms.
If the survey was created with the settings "visible results in the respondent" all respondents will be able to view the results and in the case of the survey "not anonymous" see also the detail of the answers of each respondent.
Furthermore the author of a QAPP may decide to close the QAPP to share the results of third-party platforms. In this case QAPP any user, although he has not responded to the survey, will be able to see the results (aggregate or detailed depending on the settings of "anonymous response" established by the author being created).
No one can be reasonably identified or linked to any component of the information we share with third parties to improve or promote our services.
The presence of cookies to advertise our services. We can ask network and advertising platform to display ads promoting our services on other websites. We can ask them to display ads based on the presence of a cookie, but without sharing any personal information with the advertiser.
We may disclose your information as required or permitted by law, or when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and / or to comply with legal proceedings, court orders, subpoenas or other legal process that we are notified.
If the ownership of all or substantially all of the activities carried out by us should change, or if there impegnassimo in a corporate reorganization (including mergers or consolidations) or any other intervention or transfer between companies, QAPP may transfer your information to new owners or successors, in order to continue providing our services. If necessary, the QAPP inform the Guarantor of such transfer of jurisdiction on data protection in each jurisdiction, in accordance with the notification procedures under the rules on data protection.

Treatment Modalities

The Holder QAPP SRLs processes the Data of Interested Parties and Users in a lawful and proper Users and take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or unauthorized destruction of data.
The treatment is done by means of computer and / or telematic tools, with organizational methods and logic strictly related to the purposes indicated.
In addition to the owner, in some cases, they may have access to data categories of personnel involved in the organization of the Site (administrative, commercial, marketing, legal, system administrators) or external parties (such as third party technical services, mail carriers , hosting providers, IT companies, communications agencies) appointed, if necessary, Officers from the Data Controller. The updated list of Managers may be requested from the Data Controller, by contacting the address indicated above.

The Data are processed at the headquarters of the Data Controller. In addition the data is stored, processed, transferred or disclosed in the countries in which they are established the QAPP SRLs offices and in countries where there are the offices or the servers of our hosting service providers. You acknowledge and agree that the processing of data can take place outside the European Union member states, in line with what is specified in the Privacy Policy.
QAPP has put in place the necessary physical and electronic measures to protect the confidentiality and ensure the security of information provided by customers and users. These measures, taken pursuant to articles. 33 et seq. of Legislative Decree. n. 196/2003, are designed to protect the hard copy and the electronic documentation provided by anyone who has dealings with QAPP.
The physical and electronic measures will be constantly updated, in compliance with the provisions of the Code for the protection of personal data.

QAPP, whose addresses have been indicated previously, is the guardian of the registration data, accounting and other profile information we collect. However, the guardian of the data for the survey is the author of the same. The author of the survey determines the way in which the survey questions and the answers are used and disseminated. QAPP processes only the data of the survey in accordance with the instructions and authorizations (including those included in this privacy policy) selected by the authors of the polls at the time that create and manage their surveys.
By using our services, you agree to comply with the protection requirements of the collection and use of your survey data, such as requirements to informing participants about the specific use and disclosure of their data.
Clicking on each button indicating your acceptance of this Privacy Policy, you expressly agree to the following:
        You consent to the collection, use, disclosure and processing of your personal information as described in this privacy policy, including our procedures relating to cookies, IP addresses and access files.
        Our servers of our providers of hosting services are located in the United States, therefore, your personal data will be processed mainly in the United States. You consent to the transfer and processing of your personal data in the United States by QAPP and in our homes and our service providers.
        You agree and accept the transfer from us, your data, the data processors located in countries, including the United States, who have not a law that guarantees the same level of protection that exists in the European Economic Area countries. Your consent is voluntary and can be revoked with the option to revocation at any time. Please note that if you decide to use the option of withdrawing, we will not be able to provide our services.
        You authorize us to share your personal information with individuals performing work for service providers who assist us in providing our services.
        If you have cookies enabled on your web browser, you consent to the use of cookies on our part, as described in this privacy policy.
The Data are kept for the time necessary to perform the service requested by the user and the user can always ask for removal from the site server for legitimate reasons.

Cookies are data that we store on devices that you can use to access our services so that we can recognize frequent users. We use cookies for several reasons:
To make our site easier to use.
To verify your identity, to confirm whether you are connected to QAPP.
To provide you with customized content (eg. The user's preferred language).
To improve our services.

Through the use of our websites and the acceptance of this Privacy Policy, you agree explicitly to the use of cookies as indicated in our statement.

Google Analytics (Google)

In addition to cookies, we implemented on our websites some features of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google") that uses "cookies" through which collects the User Data transmitted and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google uses this information for the purpose of evaluating the use of the website, compiling reports and providing other services relating to the Website activities.

Rights of interested parties and access to data
Below is an excerpt from the article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, to remind you that you can exercise the following rights: obtain confirmation of personal data concerning you, even if not yet recorded, and communication intelligible form, the origin of personal data and the purposes and methods of treatment; the indication of the logic applied in the treatments carried out with the aid of electronic instruments; updating, rectification or, if you have interest, the integration of data; erasure, anonymization or blocking of data processed in violation of law; the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the block of data which is not necessary to store, in relation to the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed; certification that the updating, rectification, integration, cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or the blockage has been brought to the attention, also with regard to the content, of those to whom the data were communicated or disseminated , except that in cases where this proves impossible or involves a disproportionate use of means with respect to the protected right; the right to oppose, in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons, the processing of your personal data, pertinent for collection purposes; the standing to object, in whole or in part, to the processing of your personal data for purposes of sending advertising materials or direct selling or for carrying out market research or commercial communication.
The rights indicated in art. 7 of Legislative Decree. N. 196/2003 (and reported in the preceding paragraph of this policy) are exercised by making a request to the owner or manager. QAPP SRLs will endeavor to provide appropriate feedback without delay to any request that may be raised.
Under Article. 9 of Legislative Decree. N. 196/2003, the request addressed to the owner or manager may also be sent by e-mail and (pec).
QAPP is committed to timely respond to any message that may be sent by mail.

The Use of Data for additional purposes by the Owner, or services for which requires the cooperation of third parties, which are listed below, may in some cases require the free and specific consent of the User or the Interested Party .

Personal Data
It constitutes Personal data any information relating to an individual identified or identifiable, even indirectly, by reference to any other information including a personal identification number.
Given Navigation
Are the data collected automatically from the Site including: IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by the user who connects to the site, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in reply, the numerical code indicating the status of response from the server (successful, error, etc.) the country of origin, the features of the browser and operating system used by the visitor, the various time of the visit (for example, the time spent on each page) and details about the path followed within the site with particular reference to the sequence of pages other parameters relating to the operating environment and system User's computer.
This indicates the individual user of the services or products of the Site.
The individual to whom the Personal Data.
Responsible for processing
The natural person, legal person, public administration or any other body, association or organization designated by the owner to the processing of personal data.
Data Controller
The natural person, legal person, public administration or any other body, association or organization that is competent, even jointly with another data, decisions regarding the aims, methods of processing of personal data and the tools used, including therein the profile of safety, in relation to the operation and use of this Site.